Troubleshooting Carrera Digital 1/32 Slot Cars

Carrera manufactures excellent 1/32 slot cars for competitive and casual racing.  If you noticed that your slot car is not functioning, as it should there are several steps you can perform on your own to try and rectify the problem.


Here are some basic tools that you will use to troubleshoot your Carrera slot car.

  • Small Screwdriver – nothing fancy, the free pocket types being given away as marketing gifts often do the job
  • Magnets – to hold the screws so you wont lose them
  • Magnifying glass
  • A good light sours like an overhead lamp

Chassis Removal

The first step is to remove the body or chassis of your Carrera slot car. Removing it is very straightforward. Locate the 3 screws that hold the body to the chassis they are locate behind each rear wheel and there is one located in the front between the headlights. Other car models may have the screws located elsewhere. Try not to touch the screws located in the middle of the slot car as these are the ones holding the traction magnets and do not completely take the car apart while doing this step.

7 Components

As with all digital slot car sets, there are 7 components that make it work. The power cycle flows like this: from the brushes it will go to the motor and then to the driveshaft, gear and pinion, rear axle and finally the rear wheels.  If your slot car suddenly just won’t run you are looking at one of two possible reasons either a microchip or motor fail.

Check the Connections

All things being equal the simplest explanation tends to be the right one, this scientific precept called Occam’s razor applies to troubleshooting slot cars. Rule out loose connections first before moving forward to much more complicated reasons. Check the red and black wires that come up from the brushes and connect to the microchip. Make sure the soldered connection and the plastic connector does not have contact with dirt or corrosion or anything that can hinder the transmission of electricity. If there is a loose connection chances are the motor and the microchip are fine.