SEO Advice for Beginners

It is not uncommon for people that have no previous online presence to be wary about SEO or search engine optimization. Why? SEO promises to help your site appear on top of search engine rankings? Does that feel like sleazy or cheating? Not in the slightest.  For at the end of the day, search engines like Google rely on a variety of different factors to assist online users to find the most relevant websites.  According to internet marketing MN experts, all websites especially the most respected and most commercially successful ones  employ some form of SEO to help them against competition. Here is some SEO advice for beginners.

Use of Relevant Keywords

It is no secret that online users regularly type the same words or phrases on search engines when they are looking for something specific.  Sentences like “how to remodel a kitchen cheaply? Or “best restaurant in the area” Google then looks for the most relevant responses to the queries and displays them in the results page based on importance.

For beginners you can identify popular search terms and phrasing using Google Keyword Planner. This program takes people’s search queries and provides a value to each of them. Doing so will help you find keywords you can use on your website that rank high on search queries so your site will index higher.

Less Use of H1 Title Tags

H1 refers to Heading One and is considered the biggest heading on a page. According to SEO Minnesota experts the title on your page is one of the nine factors that search engine use to rank websites . Adding too many H1 headings to a page can confuse search engines as they can be interpreted as irrelevant.

Good Quality Backlinks

Over the years, backlink have gotten a bad rap because many overenthusiastic marketers misused them to get ahead of the system. Backlinks for those that are not in the know are incoming hyperlinks from one web page to another. Bad backlinks such as those provided by disreputable SEO providers can get you easily to the top of a rank but only for a very, very short time as Google will ban your site once the backlinks have been discovered as fake and that will be the end of your website.

Good quality backlinks can be achieved via organic linking.  If you offer a service, ask your customers to write a review about you on other sites or a blogger to make a guest post for you on their site. In this way, you get on the good side of Google and you also build your site rank naturally.