How to Turn your Website from Lame to Fame

We all know that websites are like digital welcome mats that greet visitors the moment they enter your website. Is it enough that one has a glossy and beautiful looking site? According to internet marketing Minnesota experts, getting a beautiful looking site is not enough. If you want visitors to actually “go” to your site not just gloss over it, you will need a site that allows them to surf it with ease.

Clean and Easy to Navigate Layout

It is vital that you ensure your homepage’s layout is clean and devoid of clutter. Many first time site visitors get turned off easily if they see too much info than they care to imagine.  Want your business website to hit the mark with potential customers?  Make it more organized and professional and ensure the content presented is updated and relevant for visitors.

High Definition Pictures

No one wants to see a grainy or worse blurry picture of that house you just remodeled.  Clean and crisp images send a message to potential customers that you are all about the details.  Not only that but powerful high resolution pictures can perform the job of countless lines of text in seconds.  It is vital that you use high-resolution images that will encourage users to see other images you have on your site. Never ever post blurry pictures no matter what.  Also, your site is not FB or Instagram so there is really no need to post all the pictures of your projects. Concentrate on a few select images and that should be enough.

Button Optimization

According to SEO Minnesota specialists, the site’s buttons or Call to Actions are gateways to other portions of your site. This can redirect to promotional items and galleries or other sites as well.  Ensure that the wording for your call-to-action is clear and concise.  Make sure that it is placed in an area of the site that is hard to miss.

Content is King

Of course you cannot have a site with only pictures as your content. Ensure that you keep your content fresh and current. By doing this you are telling your visitors that not only is your site updated but it is also  a good place to get information.