Maintenance Tips for N Scale Model Trains

The N scale models of trains sets are popular to hobbyists and beginners alike because these trains are just perfect for people that want to run long trains or keep the focus on the scenery.  For people that have limited space or want miniature details, the N scale is perfect.  Here are some maintenance tips to consider for N scale model trains.

Keep Railroad Tracks and Wheels Clean

Whether you are using G scale sets or N scale sets it is always considered a wise decision to keep your railroad tracks and wheels clean. We all know that dust and soil on the track have a negative effect on performance especially tracks with smaller gauges like the N scale.  For example, a bit of lint or grit may be equal to a tiny pebble to a bigger model.  Moreover, powered tracks can also collect scale from metal oxides when unlike metals of the track begin to meet the rolling stock wheels.

Do not use Excessive Lubricant

Any toy that has moving parts will need lubricants in order to keep the machine going. However too much lubricant especially for smaller models is bad. For example, the tip of a toothpick can hold enough lubricant to keep an N scale model train running smoothly for hundreds of hours.  Over lubrication will allow dust and other grit to collect which results to more frequent cleanings and lesser time enjoying the tracks.

Refer to Manufacturer Recommendations

It is always a good choice to refer to the manufacturer recommendations especially with regard to maintenance of your N scale model train. The instructions contain crucial information on how often the car or engine requires cleaning as well as the amount of lubricant needed to keep it functioning at optimum capacity.

Use Foam Cradle

We all know that the smaller the parts, the more fragile it is. Unless you are cleaning garden railroad streetcars you will need to be more careful when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your N scale trains. Enclosing the car or engine with soft foam will provide protection from damage, prevent paint from scratching and allow you to work much more comfortably and at ease.