What to Avoid in Website Design

There are a lot of options that are available when it comes to creating websites for your business. However, there are must-do items you need to integrate and must-avoid ones that should never see the light of day.  Here is a discussion of what you need to certainly avoid when designing or updating your website.

Remove Page Counters

According to internet marketing MN experts, what page counters do is make your site look very amateur to say the least.  Not only do they mess up the design of your site it also tells folks information  that you really do not want them to know. If your goal is to simply know how many people have visited, just make a request with the host to obtain server statistics.

Avoid Flashing or Blinking Text

The only place where blinking or flashing text should be is on neon signs.  If you want your site to be taken seriously, get rid of any flashing or blinking text as it is amateurish at best.

Get your Page Titles Right

According to search engine optimization MN experts,  people do pay attention to page titles so it is vital that you ensure yours come off as clear. For instance, if you have a page that talks about how to take care of your kitchen, ensure that the gist of the site is explained on the title itself. Don’t say “backsplashes and clean counters” say something like “How to take good care of your custom kitchen.”

Never Force People to Download Anything

People get easily turned off by website prompts asking them to download this browser or plug-in if they want to view the site content.  If a professional does your site properly then it uses CSS and HTML correctly.

Consider Avoiding Framesets Altogether

In the past, framesets were all the rage because HTML had lousy layout capabilities. However, with CSS being supported by all the major web browsers there is simply no need to use this technology from a bygone era.