How to Mod the Braid and Tires of your Slot Car to Attain Better Overall Performance

If there is a hobby out there that is worthy of time and effort it would be slot car racing. There is nothing like the thrill of winning a race that is hard-fought. Use your skills against other players or simply have fun with friends and family at home.  For better performance, practice some of these slot car tuning tips.


Before you begin modding your Carrera slot cars it is best that you have an idea of how to take the parts apart without damaging it. Consult your owner’s manual or look for some helpful guides online.  Once you are ready begin by taking the slot car apart by starting with the guide. Check the braid to ensure they are flat and smooth. It is important that it is important that the braid comes in good contact with the track.  Fray them and curl them down properly so that the frayed portion makes good contact with the rails.


Inspect the tires for smoothness. It is important that there be no flashing or rough areas that would cause the tire to be out of shape. If you notice some rough spots, simply sand down the rim by placing them on an axle and using a dremmel at low speed.  Use flat sandpaper for best results.

The front tires play a very important role in terms of car handling. Install the front tires and rims ad check to see if there is up and down movement. If there is then you will need to adjust them.  Drill 3/32 holes using styrene in order to act as bushings and then put the axle through the styrene and then install the rims and tires on the axle.

You then install the front axle assembly on the chassis. Using a test block set the chassis with the guide and the braid. Push the wheels down so they are touching the test block. Use glue to bond the new styrene bushings. Check and see if the front tires are touching the block and the chassis looks level.  Make sure to oil the axle and spin the tires to ensure the axle was not glued to the rim. The front tires need to be clearly on the track with no space between the tire and the block.